Curtain Making

The advantage of coming to a bespoke curtain maker, such as myself, is that my customers can have all their curtain “dreams” fulfilled!

I have the time, ability, and most importantly, the passion to make curtains truly unique. By discussing at length what my customer really wants, and giving them the best advice on headings, colour ways, trim and any other finishing.

I discuss at length with my customers the various options available to them, it types of linings and headings. That way everything is done to suit the individual’s budget.

I come and measure, give any advice on location and fabrics. I am also able to source most fabrics at discounted prices, and am happy to pass the discount to my customer. However I am more than happy for my customers to bring me their own fabrics to be made up.

I also love revamping customers existing curtains…often treasures that have been found in their attics. Bringing them back to life once again.